SINFUL FRIDAY: Double dipping

All ye double dippers. Hear ye, hear ye. Nobody wants your germs. Be nice, dip once and move on LOL. So This Sinful Friday, we are pointing fingers at EVERYONE. At one or more points in our lives, we have been guilty of double dipping. Here is the Wiki definition of double dipping


To put a food item (like a vegetable or tortilla chip) into a dip (food), take a bite and put it back in. Socially taboo as believed to add microbes from the person’s mouth into the dip.


So let’s repent from our double dipping ways. Germs are real lol. don’t give others your microbes, they may not be able to process it. lol.

Have a great weekend. And remember in all that you choose to nourish your body with,

Eat with your HEART ™

ENAM: Gadget Finder- Flower Egg Mold

Hello Foodies. So Enam found this o so awesomely cute gadget for you. If this was around when I was a kid, maybe I would have appreciated eggs sooner. Today’s gadget is the Flower Egg Mold. It is perfect for making kids get excited about food too.

The Gadget of the day today is under $10. You can find it HERE.



Let’s do Lunch: with Jo Uthman


Who: Jo Uthman, Fitness enthusiast, Foodie, Budding entrepreneur, lover all of all things bright and beautiful

Where: Born in London, England. raised in London/Africa , currently live in Atlanta, GA

Usual Lunch time: 1 PM

Most unforgettable dessert you’ve had, when and where? too many to mention – the most recent has gotta be the Coconut cake at JCT Kitchen, ATL , just last Saturday (May 2013) 🙂

What is your favorite meal of the day? Lunch

I am most curious about food from? Arab cuisine in general

Celebrity you would love to have lunch with and why? Maya Angelou, to attain wisdom – I love her work and would just love to sit down talk about life

Your perfect Lunch: – There’s no such thing as a perfect lunch – I’m a foodie – this is too hard – just about anything with greens and I’m sold.

Favorite drink: – H20,

Favorite dessert: – anything with pudding/custard 🙂


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Instagram: josimply
Pinterest: jojoskitchen

Salt of the Earth

Hello foodies. Happy memorial day in America and Happy Monday to everyone. So today I am fascinated by Salt. acblog52713


It’s literal, and metaphoric meaning. Salt  helps heighten the taste of things. My first real memory of salt was when I was about 7 years old. I heard the story of LOT’S wife turning around and turning to salt. I remember I did not want salt in my food because in my odd little mind, all the salt we use was a part of lots wife LITERALLY) lol. YAH! kids do have a wild imagination. Growing up in Nigeria we mostly used sea salt, but then iodized salt came into our system and became a “thing” and now that I am here, I am back to sea salt because for me it’s about eating as natural as possible when you can help it and when it is affordable. As I grow and learn about foods, their properties and effects on our body,  my discovery about idolized salt versus sea salt made me choose sea salt as my new salting choice. It took some time to get used to the measurement as with sea salt, it seems you need more that with iodized salt. I use SEA SALT for one simple reason: it is salt in and from it’s natural state, that is not processed. And that works for my body.

So do share with us. Do you use sea salt or iodized salt?

Have a great week. And remember in all that you choose to nourish your body with,

Eat with your HEART ™

Creative Candy of the week: Avovado Pear POP!

Hello Foodies. As we wrap up our social calendar for the week>> click image.ac2013calendar This Saturday, I would love to introduce you to our

Creative Candy Feature of the week.


It’s with a fellow foodie, THE SPUNKY COCONUT who shared with us her Avocado Pops.



perfect for the summer, perfect for the health nuts. Try this tip out soon and feel free to share your image with us by sending an email to or tagging me on Instagram at afropolitanchef

Have a great weekend. And remember in all that you choose to nourish your body with,

Eat with your HEART ™

SINFUL FRIDAY: Lips and Bottles

So it’s SINFUL Friday. And today’s FOOD SIN we are ALLL guilty of. Even in countries where there is no refrigerator. As long as there is a bottle and your lips are close, you have taken the plunge into the SIN OF BACKWASH. DON”T DO IT. LOL. Get a hold of yourself now would ya! lol yes, we have all done it at one point or another. I am so guilty of it. it takes every will power not to do it every-time lol. And every-time you are home alone and someone is not so close to you, you grab that bottle and chug it real fast too, while you try no to choke lol. This bad habit needs to have a world “STOP THE BACKWASH YEAR”. No, cleaning the cover after you drink, does not make a difference lol stop lying to yourself. Get a glass and pour. It will take you 1.2 seconds more. Plus you don’t get to spread germs or bacteria to those you love with that BACKWASH. So foodies, grab a glass stop the madness. Stop drinking from the bottle. Happy Friday. 🙂foodsin3

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