50 Spices of AFRICA

It just seemed like a good time with all this love season and shades of Grey running around the world. So, I present to you love foodies. A list of 50 herbs and spices used in various African countries. Have fun finding checking out images on www.google.com. πŸ™‚

50 Spices of AFRICA.


1 Achii
2 African black pepper
3 Alligator Pepper
4 Ajwain
5 Aniseed
6 Baharat
7 Barley
8 Bay Leaf
9 Berbere
10 Bitterleaf
11 Blue Basil
12 Cardamom
13 Chermoula
14 Chilies
15 Cilantro
16 Cinnamon
17 Cloves
18 Coriander
19 Cumin
20 Curry
21 Dawadawa
22 Dukkah
23 Garlic
24 Ginger
25 Ground stock fish
26 ground crawfish
27 Habanero Pepper
28 Harissa
29 Kuli-kuli
30 Lemon Grass
31 Mint
32 Mitmita
33 Njangsa
34 Nutmeg
35 Ogbono
36 Onions
37 Oregano
38 Paprika
39 Parsley
40 Partminger
41 Piri Piri
42 Ras el Hanout
43 Sesame
44 Saffron
45 Tamarind
46 Thyme
47 Tumeric
48 Uzazi
49 Yemeni
50 Zahtar


Home made Lemonade

Hey Love-Foodies. Soooo, I already know what book #2 is going to be. READY?????.

Soups, Salads and Drinks lol. For now, Homemade Lemonade.
β—‹ 4 lemons
β—‹ 1/3 cup of sugar
β—‹ 2-3 cups of water

Shake in a mixer and serve. Feel free to add some spike ouuu say a a shot of vodka πŸ˜‰ mmmm Yummm!

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Allow the love of food to bring us together.


Lemonade-afropolitanchef 1 Lemonade-afropolitanchef 2 Lemonade-afropolitanchef 3 Lemonade-afropolitanchef 4

Afropolitan Chef Banana Cake recipe

Hey love-foodies. This recipe is quick, easy and it’s perfect as a gift for friends when you go visit them. Wrap it up and tie a bow on it. You can also make it for yourself or your family one evening and have it for breakfast all week with your coffee or tea. When you do make yours, be sure to tag @afropolitanchef on any of the social media platforms and use the hashtag #ACFoodie on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. We’ll all love to see how you prepare your Banana Cake.