JUICY POWER- 7 Days of Style…

Hey love-foodies Fashion Blogger Monica and I have teamed up to bring you JUICY POWER, 7 days of style and refreshment! 7 looks and 7 fresh juices perfect for the summer. Join us starting July 25-31! As we share daily, a look and a juice to pump up your day. Follow @awedbymoni and @afropolitanchef then Visit www.afropolitanchef.com and sign up to get the 7 recipes available on July 31st. In the meantime, tag #juicypower in your best summer look or homemade juice. Stay tuned and see you on Saturday for DAY 1 of JUICY POWER.
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Macy’s Food Demo- Dadeland

Hey love-foodies, I hope you join me for the food demo at Macys in Dadeland. June 13th. If you’re in Miami, I hope to see you there .

It is a free event, so register here. Seats are limited.


We will be cooking a 3 course meal for Father’s day. So you’ll get a great idea for how to celebrate dad by treating him to a delicious meal of the day. Follow @afropolitanchef. And shout out to Evelyn of Ankara Miami for making this happen.


Let’s get this foodie demo started.

Ankara Miami Brunch event

Hey love foodies so the food demonstration with Ankara Miami was awesome. We made akara and moi moi. (All with beans for my non African friends) And it all took less than 50 minutes to make. Yuppp. (considering typically the beans cleaning usually takes hours) From cleaning the beans to eating it. Ankara Miami this was a lovely event. And the cookies went pretty fast lol. And @essieizspicy it was awesome seeing your goodies in the baggies. We need to catch up soon.

See images here:


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How to tell if you are a FOODIE!

Happy Friday Foodies. So in an effort to identify other foodies that DO NOT KNOW THEY Are foodies yet, here are tips to help you identify as a foodie. If you answer YES to any of these questions, then YOU ARE A FOODIE, and I welcome you to Afropolitan Chef officially 🙂 LOL! Happy Friday

You smell food even when there is no restaurant in sight
You sniff like a dog when you smell anything food-like
You already know what you are having for lunch tomorrow
You are genuinely happy when you eat good food
You close your eyes when that first sensational taste hits your tongue
You make dinner reservations before you make hotel reservations
You talk about food at least 3 times a day
A perfect day includes watching the cooking channel or food network
You cook even in other people’s homes
You’ve ever taken any cooking class
Thinking of a juicy steak makes you drool
if you know what De-glazing means
You have more than one pot in your cabinet
You grow your own tomatoes and herbs

official entry: January 20, 2012

Eat with your HEART ™

Crab Cakes

I took my first go at crab-cakes. I loved the process of the mess. So fun. I have officially added crab cakes to my home dinner parties menu. It’s quick, easy and depending on the size it can be quite filling.

official entry: September 8, 2011

Eat with your HEART ™