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Hello Foodies. It’s been a minute and a half. I haven’t forgotten us. I would like to share my story with you. Do visit I was featured as Woman of the Month for April. Thank you to Ladybrille Magazine. I am truly honored.

Feed you soon foodies 😉

official entry: April 18, 2012

Eat with your HEART ™

Online press

Media Coverage on The Afropolitan Chef. I am so giddy. And to think we haven’t even really started any marketing.

On spice baby

and on

Congocapanilo WEB Feature:


Thank you so much for the feature. I am deeply grateful .


official entry: March 29, 2012

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Cookbook easy? HA!


Spunky, colorful and full of life, The Afropolitan Chef, Yetunde Taiwo is set to awaken the culinary world with the spices, flavors and distinctive aromas of Africa, with unprecedented execution and an expressively refreshing culinary experience. Her believe in the power of food to bring people together will inspire experienced cooks and novices to enjoy cooking and inviting friends and family over to enjoy African-fusion dishes that are quick, tasty and healthy.
Yetunde’s personality engages you through every page – from her writing, which is as fun and spicy as her food, to the mouth-watering photographs that were all taken by Yetunde herself. You feel the vibrancy, love and excitement for cooking tasty and healthy African inspired meals.

Recipes in the cookbook include:

• Jollof Rice with baked Chicken

• Spinach Sauce with Eba (made with cassava)

• Sweet Potatoes and Pan Seared Tilapia fish

• Wine seared steak with cous-cous

• Yam and Eggs with fried peppers

• Suya (Grilled steak with a spicy dry rub)

• Baked Salmon with pan seared peppers

• Creamy sweet potato soup

• Ikokore (Water yam porridge)



AC in Applause magazine

Good Morning Foodies. Yay, Afroplitan Chef in it’s FIRST print publication. Hope you grab a copy of Applause magazine featuring Afropolitan Chef. log on to for more.. Yay! loads happening for AC stay tuned.


Applause magazine Feature: Photo by Codis Inc, Styled by Taiece Lanier and make up by Nydia K.


official entry: March 25, 2012

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Maggi: Most Africans use it

Hahah today is looking good. Just got an e-mail from the Radio Station I did an interview with about Maggi and my use of it in food. it’s my Vice. Public Radio International’s The World ( They featured my Yam Porridge and sound bites on me in the interview. I LOVE MAGGI. Blame it on being African lolol. We love some form of maggi. We drink water and put maggi in it. Yes it has MSG, but like with all things in life everything in moderation.

You have to check the packaging some of their products do have MSG Do Knorr products contain MSG? as awell as maggi some of them don’t have msg.
From the Knorr Site:
If MSG is present in a product either directly added or as a component of another ingredient, it will be listed on the label as MSG or monosodium glutamate. It is never hidden under any other ingredient listing. Knorr’s practice is to use MSG only when we believe it is necessary to formulate the best tasting product



official entry: March 6, 2012

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600 fb liker

Yaaay Glenn Harris you are member number 600. Oh my gosh! that is so Major. Well for that, you get a virtual cupcake from my favorite cupcake company Contenti Cupcakes in Miami. Happy 600th fan. YAAAY Glenn. 🙂

Picture of cupcake was found on google
official entry: March 5, 2012

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