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Yaaay Glenn Harris you are member number 600. Oh my gosh! that is so Major. Well for that, you get a virtual cupcake from my favorite cupcake company Contenti Cupcakes in Miami. Happy 600th fan. YAAAY Glenn. 🙂

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official entry: March 5, 2012

Eat with your HEART ™

Wine anyone?

Happy Friday Foodies. It’s Friday, chill out day. Let’s talk wines. I have a new favorite. It’s Three Wishes Cabernet Sauvignon. You can get it a Whole Foods. It’s surprisingly GOOD. What’s your favorite wine?

official entry: February 3, 2012

Eat with your HEART ™

Sugar Rush

Happy Friday Foodies. How sweet can you get? Let’s have some sugar talk. I am yet to find ONE SINGLE person who doesn’t like ANY kind of sweet something. How do you pick your sweeteners? Moving to healthier eating habits can be tough on your mind, but it is doable. May I suggest Cane Sugar or Agave Nectar instead of White Sugar as often as possible. Cane Sugar and Agave are more organic forms of sweeteners. I still use white sugar for baking. I am slowing moving over to cane sugar. Care to Join me?


<em>official entry: January 27, 2012</em>

<em>Eat with your HEART ™</em>

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