Ankara Miami Brunch event

Hey love foodies so the food demonstration with Ankara Miami was awesome. We made akara and moi moi. (All with beans for my non African friends) And it all took less than 50 minutes to make. Yuppp. (considering typically the beans cleaning usually takes hours) From cleaning the beans to eating it. Ankara Miami this was a lovely event. And the cookies went pretty fast lol. And @essieizspicy it was awesome seeing your goodies in the baggies. We need to catch up soon.

See images here:


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Hello Foodies. Happy July 4th everywhere and Happy Independence day to the U. S of A. I have been missing from the dining table because: we’ll, I’m cracking in on finishing this cookbook just in time for thanksgiving. I took out some recipes and developed new ones. In between the last month, we received requests to cater 5 different events. We turned them all down. Why? because Afropolitan Chef is about teaching rather than catering, at least for now. Right after the book launch this fall, we’ll be introducing the Afropolitan Chef Dining Society. I am beyond excited between the cookbook and this extension of the book, I am truly honored to get to share this experience with people. It’s more than the food. It’s creating connections and learning bubbles through food. I LOVE IT. We’ll be doing it in different cities. We have some sponsors on board already and so looking forward to more.

Afropolitan Chef Dining Society Kit-2013

So, we’ll be back to our social calendar beginning on Monday. Thank you for holding my chair. Have an awesome weekend celebration.

Thank you for reading. Until the next blog, Eat with your HEART.

Love, Yetty