Ankara Miami, Macy’s food demo

So I did my second public food demo at Macy’s. It was an exceptional experience. Presented by Ankara Miami and hosted by Macy’s DADELAND. They went all out. The set up the menu cards, the gift bags, and I used Anolon pots and pans. Guests started showing up 30 minutes before we were even scheduled to begin. I was like ok, new love-foodies are ready  for some African fusion meals. I walked in to see a sign welcoming the guests (yes my husband photo-bomed the shot lol).photo-bomb-afropolitan  Then I went in to set up. We made a 3 course meal in celebration of father’s day

Dish 1- Starter- Cabbage Salad

Cabbage Salad

Cabbage Salad










Dish 2: Salmon, sauteed peppers with couscous

Salmon with Veggies/CousCous

Salmon with Veggies/Couscous








Dish #3 is sorbet with some fresh made plantain chips with tropical fruit medley

Sorbet, fruits and plantain chips

Sorbet, tropical food medley and plantain chips










So we had a foodie call. I would say “who are you?” and the audience would reply ” I’m a love-foodie woowhooo!” hahah it was so fun. Looking forward to many more demonstrations.  I got to talk about the power of food to bring us all together. See the video here: Love of food video

I got to sign many books, chat with new love-foodies and many of them asked questions about African food, growing up in Nigeria, spices etc. I enjoyed sharing love with food. I look forward to sharing more. See more images here.

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Macy’s Food Demo- Dadeland

Hey love-foodies, I hope you join me for the food demo at Macys in Dadeland. June 13th. If you’re in Miami, I hope to see you there .

It is a free event, so register here. Seats are limited.

We will be cooking a 3 course meal for Father’s day. So you’ll get a great idea for how to celebrate dad by treating him to a delicious meal of the day. Follow @afropolitanchef. And shout out to Evelyn of Ankara Miami for making this happen.


Let’s get this foodie demo started.

Let’s do lunch: with chef Jorge Montes


Who:  Jorge Montes, executive chef/owner of Roho Kitchen, cooking school instructor, caterer, entrepreneur, lover of the arts, frustrated comedian/rockstar

Where:  I was born in Lima, Peru. I was raised in Miami and I am currently living in Cooper city.

Usual Lunch time: 1 – 2 PM

Most unforgettable dessert you’ve had, when and where? Coconut panna cotta with Guava soup, pineapple salsa and coconut sorbet. About 2 years ago by Pastry chef Antonio Bachour at the W hotel in SOBE.

What is your Fav meal of the day? My favorite meal of the day is a combination of lunch and dinner, which i like to call “Drunch”. But if i have to pick form the Three main meals of the day i guess it would have to be lunch.

I am most curious about food from? France and all of Europe

Celebrity you would love to have lunch with and why? Jim Morrison. I would love to pick his brain and talk poetry, music and madness.

Your perfect Lunch:  My perfect lunch is a large platter of fresh ceviche, done Peruvian style with lots of seafood and aji amarillo. A cold beer would be great with that.


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Comfort Food

Hello foodies: I had the very lovely pleasure of experiencing the flu last week and I had to find ways to get better, that complemented the theraflu’s and the Sudafed’s and loads of rest. Soup, Soups and more Soups. It’s flu season and even in Hot ol Florida it’s a lovely 46 degrees today. So here are my flu remedies. Soup up, eat loads of protein, Vitamin C/fresh squeezed orange juice, warm water with honey and lemon often and STAY AWAY from the ice creams and cold drinks. Give your immune system a boost. Happy Knock down that FLU SEASON. Recipes for these in my first cook book coming this spring.! Happy marvelous Monday

official entry: February 13, 2012

Eat with your HEART ™

Finger Food: aka FUFU

Hello Foodies. Happy Wednesday. So let’s get real “AFRICAN” There is something to be said about eating with your hands that certainly makes the food so much more tastier. Most people just call it FUFU. But the fact is Fufu is different from Amala, is different from Eba is different from pounded yam. In America that would be your pseudo mashed potatoes and all taste so much better when you eat with your hands. The best part is the vegetable sauce you pair it off with. Fish sauce, spinach sauce, beef sauce. So can I encourage you to get “AFRICAN’ this week and add some FUFU diet to your life.

official entry: February 1, 2012

Eat with your HEART ™

Fruits = New cells

Happy Monday foodies. Sometimes being FRUITY is a good thing. Thanks to my mother, fruits have always been a part of my life. As long as I am cooking at home, I almost always have a serving of fruit with ever meal. In smoothie form or raw form. I encourage you to add a serving to at least one of your meals per day. And TO SAVE MONEY, buy your fruits at your local farmers market or the food section of your local flea market. E.g a box of strawberries in the store is $3.99 at the flea or farmers market it’s $1.50 I KNOW.


official entry: January 30, 2012

Eat with your HEART ™