Macy’s Food Demo- Dadeland

Hey love-foodies, I hope you join me for the food demo at Macys in Dadeland. June 13th. If you’re in Miami, I hope to see you there .

It is a free event, so register here. Seats are limited.

We will be cooking a 3 course meal for Father’s day. So you’ll get a great idea for how to celebrate dad by treating him to a delicious meal of the day. Follow @afropolitanchef. And shout out to Evelyn of Ankara Miami for making this happen.


Let’s get this foodie demo started.

Comfort Food

Hello foodies: I had the very lovely pleasure of experiencing the flu last week and I had to find ways to get better, that complemented the theraflu’s and the Sudafed’s and loads of rest. Soup, Soups and more Soups. It’s flu season and even in Hot ol Florida it’s a lovely 46 degrees today. So here are my flu remedies. Soup up, eat loads of protein, Vitamin C/fresh squeezed orange juice, warm water with honey and lemon often and STAY AWAY from the ice creams and cold drinks. Give your immune system a boost. Happy Knock down that FLU SEASON. Recipes for these in my first cook book coming this spring.! Happy marvelous Monday

official entry: February 13, 2012

Eat with your HEART ™

Quinoa? What?

Hello Foodies. Allow me to introduce you to Quinoa sp- kiːnwɑː I just discovered this oh! so fabulous grain last summer, and now I am hooked. I LOVE rice but, for my non- rice loving people, I will highly recommend Quinoa as a substitute.

I discovered Quinoa at a dinner party. I was beyond excited to go home and go try my own version. I found my way to the store the very next morning, and I HAD to make it for lunch it was so fluffy and yummy.
Quinoa has a light, fluffy texture when cooked, and its mild, slightly nutty flavor makes it an alternative to white rice or couscous.- WP

Quinoa, green peas and apple with pan seared chicken

official entry: December 5, 2011

Eat with your HEART ™