liveIT IS LIVE. Now I can go to bed lolol NOT. This moment means so much to me. What started as a fun way of food sharing on facebook 4 years ago has helped me realize a calling. To share my perspective on food, life and living. I saw this emphatically and with humility. You are the only one that can come in the way of what you are here for. GO FOR IT. What other people think of you as Deepak Chopra says, is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. JUST DO IT. Much Love. See you on twitter at 4PM so we can chat. YES, IT IS LIVE, YES! follow me on twitter tell your friends about it. #acfoodchat at 4 PM EST #letsdothis. actwitterchatada

Morning Refreshment

Good Morning Foodies. The site launches this week. We will also be having our first foodie chat this Thursday. I am stoked. Here is how I try to start my mornings as often as possible. Room temperature water with lemon, cucumber and a slice of apple. Let it sit while you go prep for your day. Drink first thing in the am before any meals. What is your morning food/health ritual? like if you already do this, or are thinking about starting this.