50 Spices of AFRICA

It just seemed like a good time with all this love season and shades of Grey running around the world. So, I present to you love foodies. A list of 50 herbs and spices used in various African countries. Have fun finding checking out images on www.google.com. 🙂

50 Spices of AFRICA.


1 Achii
2 African black pepper
3 Alligator Pepper
4 Ajwain
5 Aniseed
6 Baharat
7 Barley
8 Bay Leaf
9 Berbere
10 Bitterleaf
11 Blue Basil
12 Cardamom
13 Chermoula
14 Chilies
15 Cilantro
16 Cinnamon
17 Cloves
18 Coriander
19 Cumin
20 Curry
21 Dawadawa
22 Dukkah
23 Garlic
24 Ginger
25 Ground stock fish
26 ground crawfish
27 Habanero Pepper
28 Harissa
29 Kuli-kuli
30 Lemon Grass
31 Mint
32 Mitmita
33 Njangsa
34 Nutmeg
35 Ogbono
36 Onions
37 Oregano
38 Paprika
39 Parsley
40 Partminger
41 Piri Piri
42 Ras el Hanout
43 Sesame
44 Saffron
45 Tamarind
46 Thyme
47 Tumeric
48 Uzazi
49 Yemeni
50 Zahtar


Moi Moin- aka blended black eyed peas

Happy Sunday Foodies. Presentation is so important. Blame my mother for making me eat with my eyes. As a kid, if the food did not look pretty I was so not going to have a piece of it. Ha! who knew God would use that on me now! The moi-moi I made for breakfast yesterday. Moi Moi was a typical Saturday breakfast in my home as a kid. Some things just don’t change, they just evolve.
Moi-Moi- peeled and Blended black eyed beans. add red pepper, onion, tomatoes, spices, raw eggs and garnish with boiled egg and sardines or anything else you would like. Steam cook for 30-40 minutes. I use souffle bowls for my shape.


Eat with your HEART ™

Maggi: Most Africans use it

Hahah today is looking good. Just got an e-mail from the Radio Station I did an interview with about Maggi and my use of it in food. it’s my Vice. Public Radio International’s The World http://news.feetintwoworlds.org/2012/02/16/food-in-2-worlds-the-adoration-of-the-maggi/ (http://www.theworld.org/). They featured my Yam Porridge and sound bites on me in the interview. I LOVE MAGGI. Blame it on being African lolol. We love some form of maggi. We drink water and put maggi in it. Yes it has MSG, but like with all things in life everything in moderation.

You have to check the packaging some of their products do have MSG Do Knorr products contain MSG? as awell as maggi some of them don’t have msg.
From the Knorr Site:
If MSG is present in a product either directly added or as a component of another ingredient, it will be listed on the label as MSG or monosodium glutamate. It is never hidden under any other ingredient listing. Knorr’s practice is to use MSG only when we believe it is necessary to formulate the best tasting product



official entry: March 6, 2012

Eat with your HEART ™