Hey Sugar!

So Sugar? How do you pick? Brown, White. Which is better for you?

What better means is that, your body can process it easier and you do not have a sugar crash. The fact is, anything processed has chemicals used on it to help sustain it’s life span. As long as you acknowledge that, we can all stop acting like processed is truly natural. Rule for good food. If it doesn’t spoil, it is more harmful than helpful. Unless it went through a natural food process like sun drying, etc.

As long as you fix your food choices when you eat processed foods, you can have anything in moderation. But it is always advised to just eat natural as often as possible.

Stop stressing your body by giving it chemicals to process and that goes for anything we eat. Better to prevent that to fix. Less expensive too. I have slowly migrated to brown sugar. I find it taste better with my teas, my yams when I cook, but I am not up on baking with it yet unless the recipe requires. Is there any real difference? based on research it is minuscule. Brown sugar has small amounts of calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium white sugar has none… So I’ll take it.

Thank you for reading. Until the next blog, Eat with your HEART.

Love, Yetty



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