Let’s do lunch: with chef Jorge Montes


Who:  Jorge Montes, executive chef/owner of Roho Kitchen, cooking school instructor, caterer, entrepreneur, lover of the arts, frustrated comedian/rockstar

Where:  I was born in Lima, Peru. I was raised in Miami and I am currently living in Cooper city.

Usual Lunch time: 1 – 2 PM

Most unforgettable dessert you’ve had, when and where? Coconut panna cotta with Guava soup, pineapple salsa and coconut sorbet. About 2 years ago by Pastry chef Antonio Bachour at the W hotel in SOBE.

What is your Fav meal of the day? My favorite meal of the day is a combination of lunch and dinner, which i like to call “Drunch”. But if i have to pick form the Three main meals of the day i guess it would have to be lunch.

I am most curious about food from? France and all of Europe

Celebrity you would love to have lunch with and why? Jim Morrison. I would love to pick his brain and talk poetry, music and madness.

Your perfect Lunch:  My perfect lunch is a large platter of fresh ceviche, done Peruvian style with lots of seafood and aji amarillo. A cold beer would be great with that.


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