My Story

The Afropolitan ChefHello fellow foodie. My name is Yetunde Taiwo-Shorters. I am in the business of doing the things I love.

I own a Miami-based PR company, called ICY Public Relations that I have ran successfully for 7 years. I have been designing since I was a kid, so I got into graphic design and created ICY STUDIO . And now, I teach other people how to brand themselves on purpose and I do that with ICY ACADEMY. I sincerely have a passion for bringing people together through words, images and food, and that is how I created AFROPOLITAN CHEF.

The idea of Afropolitan Chef, came from my desire to share with the world my love for food from the region of the world where I grew up, but influenced by my exposure to different world meals. I was born in Chicago, raised in Nigeria, West Africa and influenced by the world. In October 2009, I took a picture with my blackberry bold of a meal I cooked and I have been posting pictures of my food in my Eating Habits Album ever since.

Many of us are too busy to cook and the idea of making breakfast, lunch and dinner daily is tedious enough. However, we love the idea of coming together to share food with people we love. That is what Afropolitan Chef is about. Tapping into the power of food to bring us all together.

Well, I am here to help you enjoy being in the kitchen and still have a full life. I have 3 businesses and time management is something I learned about being a serial entrepreneur.

Eating as healthy as possible is more fun when you are part of the process. Eat in moderation and eat well.

The concept of Afropolitan Chef is to help us all share more love with food, make cooking quick, easy, fun. An enjoyable process shared with those you love.

No one has any time to waste, but I figured out ways to cook delicious tasty African-fusion meals in an average of 35-40 minutes. On Afropolitan Chef, I get share the love and power of food to bring us together. It’s fun, engaging and a delicious experience.
You’ll feel like a five star chef when guests dine with you and feel they just went to a five star restaurant.

I received so many comments on the pictures and in my inbox from men and women alike excited about the versatility of how West African foods can be varied in presentation and combinations while infusing meals from western culture. It’s how the person who was raised in London but has African parents may eat. It’s how the man who was a military brat and traveled the world could eat. It’s a hybrid of food excitement. It is truly influenced by the world, not just one country or even ten countries. It is so many more.

On March 27th 2010 Regina Jane Jere Malanda , Editor of New African Woman Magazine saw the images of my meals and asked if I would be interested in being a food writer for the magazine. And she was going to pay me for it. Are you Kidding me? YES! I woke up one morning and had an absolute Eureka moment. “Yetunde, you need to write a cook book”. It was a simple sentence that made absolute sense. I couldn’t argue with it, or talk myself out of it. I found my IT and my goodness it felt good. So I called my mother and told her about it. We were so giddy, we kept marveling at the thought of me having a cook book. It was a beautiful day.

I found a way to share something I have been doing since I was 6 years old with the world. This is one of my callings, and I look forward to this journey with you.

My name is Yetunde Taiwo-Shorters, Best selling co-author of SEX CHOCOLATE CRY and LOVE WITH FOOD: African-fusion meals made easy

and I am The Afropolitan Chef.