Ife (love) Gourmet Cookies-dozen


Ife (love) Gourmet Cookies-dozen


The quintessential Ife (Yoruba word for love) gourmet cookies are made with fine chocolate, cane sugar, oats, pecans, almond slices, crunchy walnuts, whipped butter and pure love. With 12 pieces, you can share the goodness with loved ones. Delivered in our collectible, special edition, gold tins, give a delicious gift that keeps giving throughout the year.

  • A collectible luxe box with 12 Ife chocolate oatmeal cookies




Only available 3 times a year. Our Ife (love) gourmet cookies are a savory combination of first class decadent chocolate, premium oats and pure love.

  • Our quintessential and delicious cookies contain nuts, egg and real butter.


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