SINFUL FRIDAY: Double dipping

All ye double dippers. Hear ye, hear ye. Nobody wants your germs. Be nice, dip once and move on LOL. So This Sinful Friday, we are pointing fingers at EVERYONE. At one or more points in our lives, we have been guilty of double dipping. Here is the Wiki definition of double dipping


To put a food item (like a vegetable or tortilla chip) into a dip (food), take a bite and put it back in. Socially taboo as believed to add microbes from the person’s mouth into the dip.


So let’s repent from our double dipping ways. Germs are real lol. don’t give others your microbes, they may not be able to process it. lol.

Have a great weekend. And remember in all that you choose to nourish your body with,

Eat with your HEART ™