Let’s do Lunch: with Jo Uthman


Who: Jo Uthman, Fitness enthusiast, Foodie, Budding entrepreneur, lover all of all things bright and beautiful

Where: Born in London, England. raised in London/Africa , currently live in Atlanta, GA

Usual Lunch time: 1 PM

Most unforgettable dessert you’ve had, when and where? too many to mention – the most recent has gotta be the Coconut cake at JCT Kitchen, ATL , just last Saturday (May 2013) šŸ™‚

What is your favorite meal of the day? Lunch

I am most curious about food from? Arab cuisine in general

Celebrity you would love to have lunch with and why? Maya Angelou, to attain wisdom – I love her work and would just love to sit down talk about life

Your perfect Lunch: – There’s no such thing as a perfect lunch – Iā€™m a foodie – this is too hard – just about anything with greens and I’m sold.

Favorite drink: – H20,

Favorite dessert: – anything with pudding/custard šŸ™‚


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