Heeeeey love-foodies. Well hello. So my exciting news and time at Williams Sonoma was  williamssonoma_Kitchen-TAKEOVERAMAZINGGG.  I was invited to the Headquarters in San Francisco to cook up a storm for 20 lovely people on July 8th  Hahahaha. Hello, please pinch me lol. Special, hugs and a tall glass of Margarita and a basket full of thanks to Patti WS VP or talent acquisition for coming from a place of love and making this possible. I hung out with the Williams Sonoma Culinary Director Amanda Haas  who is officially my Culinary MENTOR. YES PLEASE, YES. Ask and ye shall receive. I am so honored and I am going to learn so much. The lesson I learned: always do your best so good people who see your purpose, love and passion can keep supporting you even if they do not know you.

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I prepared 3 main dishes that included the starter: Tuna tartare over plantain chips (new recipe, pictured above), entré : jollof rice with baked chicken in tomato/red peppers sauce and mini buns with a cream dip for dessert. If you are not aware of  what Williams-Sonoma is, Click here Williams Sonoma Inc. is the premier specialty retailer of home furnishings and gourmet cookware in the United States. The first Williams-Sonoma store opened in 1956, selling a small array of cookware imported from France. Since then, the brand has expanded to hundreds of products from around the world.

Being in that kitchen made me wish for that type of kitchen. OMG! wouldn’t life be better if we all had a WS style kitchen in our homes? kitchenWS PMPardon me while I get excited about a kitchen lol don’t even judge me. I felt at home, the team was exceptional and the foodies/ attendees were so engaging. They asked a lot of questions and I got to share many stories of growing up in Nigeria, the West African influence on food and how the slogan LOVE OF FOOD BRINGS US TOGETHER came about. It was a remarkable experience. I am looking forward to growing and sharing more love with food.

My first cookbook, Love with Food, African fusion made easy is available in hard copy. Click on the image to grab yours.

bookslideThe Afropolitan Chef cookbook “Love with Food: African fusion meals made easy” is available in hard copy on www.afropolitanchef.com The kindle version is available on Amazon.com www.amazon.com/dp/B00NFTEX0G The cookbook has been top 100 on Amazon in its category of African cookbooks for 9 months. The 120 page cookbook includes Meals inspired by Africa, but infused with ingredients, techniques and flavors from around the world. Yetunde intricately balances flavors of Africa with Ingredients from various parts of the world. Afropolitan Chef shares quick, simple, colorful, flavorful recipes. Follow me on Instagram @AfropolitanChef



Below are images from the Kitchen Take Over. I got to wear that lovely skirt from Attolle Clothiers. I so loved that skirt. it matched my chill yet funky vibe. If you would like one of my Aprons, Click here

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