Since 2009

So I woke up one day and had a total Eureka moment. Since then, I have been working tirelessly to get this concept kicked off. Today, I opened my facebook page to let the world know about Afropolitan Chef. After 2 years of only 2 people knowing about the project, It’s time to let it be known. Been working on it for a while (yah I know sometime silence is golden). Under the radar. Seriously trying to come correct. 🙂 Consider this a soft whisper. Hoping to go live soon. phew! Thanks for the support everyone. It  means a ton. So I played with fonts, color and everything under the sun for over 8 months. And thanks to my fantastic friend Jad who has a background in advertising/branding.  Between his vision and mine, I got my perfect logo. He suggested I write the word Chef with my own handwriting, so I could feel more connected to it. It worked. After writing the word Chef over 100 times. I got it down. I can write it with my eyes closed lol.  I have a love affair with Kiwi. My mother exposed me to it and I have been in love with Kiwi ever since. So, I had to add my one slice to the logo. The colors oh! the colors. Orange and Green. Once I began the design process, I completely felt divine order with it.  It represented my vision, Africa and an engaging connection to food.


It’s Afropolitan Chef  Official Introduction. My life on a plate. a Hybrid of African and Western Meals.

official entry: May 17, 2011

Eat with your HEART ™

Gummi Bears Cheesecake


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Candy Canes Wafer Sweet Roll

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[googlefont font=”Playfair Display” float=”none” line_height=”1.2″ size=”18px” margin=”20px 20px” color=”#888″ align=”left”]Brownie pudding lemon drops tart carrot cake donut apple pie pudding marshmallow. Ice cream cupcake gummies sugar plum sesame snaps faworki biscuit pie.[/googlefont]

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